OUR NAME PACo PET CARE (formerly Pets Assistance Company) was inspired from the name Paco, the name of Barbara and Raphael’s beloved pet who rests in peace since 2011 after nearly 12 years of loyal friendship, Raphael founded the company on Paco’s birthday in his loving memory and as an unforgettable reminder to follow his own Vocation and help others joining the team with this same Goal in mind. This is our way to symbolize and make our tribute to all animal friends and pet-parents who are devoted to them and are experiencing this beautiful bond.

PACo PET CARE’S “GREEN TEAM” consists of highly devoted, experienced and knowledgeable Pet Care Providers. We built the foundations of our business based on passion for animals, devotion to excellent service, and in-depth knowledge about animal behaviour and welfare. The animals’ safety, comfort and happiness are our priorities. We treat every animal as they would be our own whilst in our care. The entire team is devoted to continuous learning through courses, seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops.

PACo STAFF MEMBERS’ Integrity & Professionalism are very important attributes to us. We work hard to have the best possible working conditions and environment for our Team Members. The recruitment process is very selective and ONLY qualified, reliable and passionate professionals are recruited and trusted to take care of your beloved pets.

OUR ETHICAL VALUES allow us to keep high regard, integrity and respect toward each other as a loyal team and toward our clients and their pet companions. We don’t compete with other businesses; we maintain a global positive attitude and work together with other like-minded services for our clients’ best interest. This being also our contribution to follow-up and contribute in raising the bar for Pet Services Worldwide and keep thriving for pets & pet-parents’ benefit.

“FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS” and as we’re conscious that we’re not perfect, we keep an open mind and positive attitude for constructive criticism and suggestions to keep improving ourselves. We organize quarterly internal performance reviews among our team and send regular Satisfaction Surveys to collect valuable opinions from our customers.

The strength of the team is each individual member.


The strength of each member is the team.” 


-Phil Jackson