Notre énoncé de mission:

  • Delivering excellent quality care to our pet-clients and lots of fun 🙂 !
  • Apply our knowledge, skills & experience to the best of our capacity through our service
  • Providing thorough communication and detailed daily pet-reports & news to our clients
  • Treating all our pet-clients with equal love and attention
  • Treating our clients’ pets as our own whilst in our care
  • Staying committed to the highest ethical standards regarding animal welfare
  • Maintaining highest standards of security, structure and general obedience
  • Keeping an open-mind for constructive feedback
  • Acting with integrity as individuals and as a team
  • Contributing positively to the environment’s sustainability
  • Keep learning & accumulate knowledge through continued Education
  • Be an exemplary & respectful Pet Business

PACo Pet Care LLC will continue growing slowly but steadily to offer services throughout more regions of Luxembourg while keeping high quality standards of service.

“Dedicated to improving the world one pet at a time”
Raphael • Founder
“Inspiring your dog to be WILLING to follow your instructions rather than FORCING”
Raphael • Founder