(Managing Director)

Barbara has been there since the start to help strengthen the foundations of PACo Pet Care (formerly Pets Assistance Company) along with her husband Raphael in 2012 when it was still running as a small family business. Being so passionate, devoted and eager to improve her skills for our animal friends, she has successfully developed our Dog Boarding service since the very start and has highly contributed to the company’s development.

Without Barbara the Dog Boarding service wouldn’t be what it is today, a professional, reliable caring service in which she and the team always go the extra mile to make sure our pet-friends are taken care of in the best possible way!

Being passionate about animals, caring and knowledgeable, she has successfully developed a great quality Dog Boarding Service. Aside from her skills and pre-disposition in psychology, she learned much about Dog Behaviour with Raphael through assisting him during his after-work Canine Behaviour Consultations and also practised consistently through working with our clients’ pets and living with their 2 dogs Brownie & Naïko. Barbara is active in animal welfare helping senior dogs getting adopted by loving families, she also follows various courses and workshops pertaining to Dog Behaviour, Pet First and Wellness.

On this day, she manages the company’s daily Operations, Logistics, Switchboard & Administrative tasks while taking care of the Dog Boarding service. She is devoted to giving your pets the best comfort and fun time while being amongst their dog friends and “2nd”-family.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
Mattie Stepanek
“Dedicated to improving the world one pet at a time”
Raphael • Founder, PACo Pet Care